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The more specific the search terms, the more relevant your search will be. Social networks offer an entirely different breed of data.

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Here are the basic places to start. Facebook is your best bet when it comes to digging up dirt. If a Facebook profile is set to private, however, it will not appear in search results. Varying levels of privacy for different Facebook features means that some information may be public while some will be hidden. Boasting around million users and counting, LinkedIn is a fantastic source for professional networking and background checks, assuming users provide accurate information about themselves. You can search by username or tweets, but the site lacks the more in-depth filtering mechanisms that make Facebook a standout.

In a public profile, you can look at their photos and photos that they are tagged in. You can also see who they follow and who follows them. Sometimes a simple phone number or street address is a more helpful data point. These websites are definitely worth a look, even if they do sometimes have a price tag associated with them. When it comes to contact information, the official White Pages website is hit-or-miss.

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You can view their address, around what age they are, and close relatives. Similar to WhitePages, ZabaSearch offers a fairly good index of people.

View address history, relatives, past and present places of work, and schools attended. Though this website is made for creating family trees, the free information that they offer can give you an insight into the person you are researching. The site offers billions of historical records including census records, birth records, death records, marriage and divorce records, living people records, and military records.

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Criminal background searches are often some of the most revealing and most warranted. The same goes for that babysitter you just hired for the weekends and that electrician working in your home. Family Watchdog is a free website that helps locate registered sex offenders in your area. The website gives information about the offender including their basic information, addresses, charges, markings, and aliases.

Each institution retains full control of data input, quality and access. A full audit trail and a detailed record are created for each and every verification. Our services are designed to be easy to use, to keep your recruitment process as straightforward as possible. Whether you are an employer or an HR professional, the process is as follows:. One out of 12 verification requests that we process results in discrepancies.

If you are an educational body or a professional organisation, we would be delighted to hear from you. Our trusted software solutions provide automated degree verifications and electronic transcripts and degree certificates.

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The Qualification Check system offers the following advantages:. Through our intuitive software system, we can the following features that set us above our competitors:. If you are looking for peace of mind with your recruitment process or hoping to find a more effective way to manage the verification requests for your past students and members, we are here to help. How to Check your Qualifications.

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How to check qualifications: the degree certificate verification process and education verification process Credential fraud, including the misrepresentation of degree results and professional accreditations, is booming. Qualification Check process: degree verification process Our services are designed to be easy to use, to keep your recruitment process as straightforward as possible. Set up your own account where all your transactions and results are securely stored; Request a validation.

Fill in the necessary details, submit a consent form if required, and leave the rest up to us; Receive your result. The verification outcome will be sent to your dashboard and you will receive an email alert. Service for educational providers If you are an educational body or a professional organisation, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Why choose Qualification Check? Volume discounts available.